Friday, March 2, 2012

Contest challenge: March is National Craft Month

Hello Folks!

Did you know that March is the National Craft Month. It was started in 1994. 
So all you crafters, get on with your crafting skills and hop on to a contest Challenge HERE!

You have time until March 15, 2012 to submit multiple pictures of your crafts. Based on votes, a winner will be chosen on March 31, 2012 and the winner will be given a chance for a blog post feature on icraft and 3 months of unlimited posting of products. Non-members of icraft get their registration fee waived!

You have nothing to lose! Just get your pictures up without the watermarks!

I have submitted 2 entries for now. I may add more during the fortnight.

My aquamarine bracelet 


Emerald green hoops

Good luck!


The Salty Mermaid said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are beautiful! I love the earrings especially. They would really bring out the deep green color in my eyes. Amazing work!

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