Monday, July 30, 2012

Vegetable picking at the Farm

On Saturday, we were at a farm in Milton, Ontario. Thanks to Mark, who was a great host and let my girls pick vegetables. A fun time for the family to actually go and pick some vegetables straight from the vegetable patch.

This is a picture of bees (Italian bees) from just a foot away. They were very docile and did not get bugged  by us! Hah!

Can you spot the bee? 

And I never thought cucumbers grow like this. I always thought they like to hang. Duh!

My daughter trying her hand out getting a fresh red onion

These are really red hot chillis. What happened to them when they came home? We fried them in chickpea batter. We Indians call them chilli pakoras. Yummy and very spicy!

  Never seen a ladybug at such close quarters! 

And my daughters posing sunshine happy with the sunflower that they got from Mark!

All pictures: CourtesyMe


Pamela Bates said... Best Blogger Tips

nothing like 'digging in the dirt' and taking your fresh food home to enjoy. chilli pakoras sound wonderful!

Anisha said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow vegetable picking sounds fun... I've just started growing my own vegetables and it just feels so awesome when it's time to harvest.

The chillies are almost the size of cherry tomatoes... I'm sure pakoras tastes great. The pictures are really good... what is that lady bug sitting on? If it didn't have that dent I would have mistaken it for a tennis ball. N ya I spotted the bee on the sunflower :)

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