Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY Tuesday: Textile Block Print Decor

Hello there!

I love block printing and have a lot of textile block prints in my craft room that I use to make jewelry at my shop 

But I spotted this beautiful block print HERE and I had to have it. The moment I saw it, I thought of how I could brighten up a nook where I keep my brass artefacts. Charan Creations from where I bought the block print has a lot of beautiful textile block prints and you will not be disappointed with whatever you pick up. Great quality blocks.

Anyway, block prints can be used to make a lot of beautiful crafts but this is specifically a decor idea.

You will need
Any textile block print
Gold acrylic paint and brush
A picture frame
Heavy black cardstock paper
Mod podge and brush or any glue which will stick wood onto paper.

Let me show you how I got this project done.

Place your block print and check for any dust on it. This block print is 6 inches in height and was very clean. I thought I would use it as is but had other ideas.

I liked to color my block print in an antique gold finish because I wanted to match it with the brass finds at home. You may experiment with other acrylic colors if you wish.

Once you color the block print wait for atleast 45 minutes for it to completely dry.

Once the paint is dry, place it on the black cardstock paper. Centre it and gently outline it with a pencil so you know where you will want to place it. I did not directly put the block print on the back of the frame. One usually gets a paper picture with frames. I have stuck the block print onto that loose sheet of paper in case i want to re-use the frame I can at a  later date. 

I used mod lodge to paste the block print onto the card stock paper

Quickly paste the block on the paper and wait for a good 1 1/2 hours before you touch it.

Now gently put the block print and set it into the frame.

I hope you like this DIY using Textile Block prints. I have one more block print that I have to complete. See you around soon.

Let me know if you try this project.


A Sunny Yellow Window said... Best Blogger Tips

Thats a cool idea. must try it with my paisley block!

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ambika K Sudhakaran

Paisley blocks! How wonderful! Let me know how it went.

Vasudha Somayaji said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool way to display.. It perfectly suits with brass artifacts.

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