Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy Cut and Paste Window Treatments

I found this easy no sew cut and paste window treatment on Better Homes and Garden. For someone like me who has no idea on how to sew (well, I can only darn and I do have a sewing machine but its just gathering dust) this is one projectl I think I would like to try!  I think those gerbera like flowers look so dainty. I would think of some pink and orange ones. You say what?

You can find the How To instructions here


My Inspired Reality said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh these are lovely, I wouldn't mind trying my hand at these either:):)

Vaishnavi said... Best Blogger Tips

i loved this one Reshma...helps me...i dont think many people know this :)

denswaker said... Best Blogger Tips

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denswaker said... Best Blogger Tips

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