Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Jewelry at Ahkriti

And Hello there! Can you believe that 15 days of 2014 have zipped past. How has the ride been so far?  

Valentine's Day is approaching sooner! I don't know about you, whether you are mushy or a die hard romantic, but my husband Y and me are not so mushy about Valentine's day at all. Y has not bought me any jewelry since he introduced me to beading and I'd be pleasantly surprised if he did buy me something. But I do spend the day having quality time  with my 2 daughters. The week before Valentine's day does get busy with making cards and this year I know we will be buys making rainbow loom bracelets! Last year, we made heart bookmarks. See the post here.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of AHKRITI designs for Valentine's day. Perhaps you would like one for YOURSELF or treat someone special.

Etched Heart Earrings

This is a new design at the SHOP. Small Puffy hearts with etches. I love the look and I have got a lot of compliments when I have worn them.

You can purchase this pair HERE

RADIANT ORCHID Paachi Pendant Necklace

Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Colour of the year 2014

And I have this beautiful Paachi pendant which is resplendant in this gorgeous pendant with petals. BUY HERE

Simple Heart Necklace

And for those who just want  simple heart here is one  FOR YOU. Buy this here 

Red Coral Stack earrings

And if you just want to be subtle, here's a pair of bright red coral stack earrings. A very beautiful RED. Will come lovingly packaged. Get this pair HERE.

Fuchsia Pink and Gold Necklace

This is  gorgeous asymmetrical necklace that comes with matching earrings. Fuchsia pink crystal pearls with a lovely pendant encased in gold leaves

How are YOU going to be  spending  VALENTINE'S DAY?


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