Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY Tuesday: Paper Pinwheels

My younger daughter's birthday is coming up and I was at a fix wondering what to give her friends at school. While cleaning up my craft rack, my husband was shocked to see over 50 pencils lying unused. Sheesh! I admit I am a big stationery fan. I love my paper, pencils, erasers and geez I think I am a hoarder!

Anyway, I just didn't feel like donating them. So I braced myself to put these pencils to use. At first I thought I'd just put washi tape and decorate them and add a tag. But then I saw this tutorial and I got started.

Paper pinwheels are super fun. And though they may not spin like you would want them to, they look rather pretty as decorations.

You will need
-square sheets of coloured paper.
-pearl top pins
-a paper punch
-round nose plier
-pencils with an eraser top

I made 30 of these which will be used as giveaways to my daughter's friends and for the birthday party.

This picture is just a few of them.

I found the inspiration  and tutorial HERE

Have fun!


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