Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How about an orange - a blood orange?

If you have never tasted a blood orange, now is the season! 

Blood oranges are really juicy, have these beautiful red pigmentation (anthocyanin) and is less acidic than other oranges. 

According to Wiki, blood oranges may have originated in China or in the South Mediterranean belt, but its now mostly found in Sicily, Italy. (Don't you wish you could be there right now?)

There are 3 main types of blood oranges that you can find Tarocco, the Moro and the Sanguigno

Delicious cocktails, yummy salads, desserts and a host of other recipes can be found on the internet to use this power packed fruit rich in vitamin C, potassium, carotene.
Blood Orange - Taracco type

Image: Reshma, Color Canopy


design elements said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious post! I first tried blood orange on Majorca some years ago. I think I'm addicted since then :-)

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