Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Easy No Sew Peacock halter tutu

Its October and time again to dress up! Every year its a struggle for me get something new for my daughter and this year for Halloween, I decided she would be a peacock! Honestly, I am no good in stitching so here is a tutorial for a No Sew Halter Tutu.

This tutu tutorial can be used as a dress skirt as well. It all depends on how you want to wear it - on the waist or high up on the chest. Depending on how full you want the tutu to be you can add more fabric.

Things you will need

*Tulle fabric 4 yards each of Indigo blue, Turquoise blue and Bottle green
*Measuring tape
*A reel of matching dark Ribbon 2"inches width

The How to

1. Take the 2" inches ribbon and measure around the chest and mark off. You will be tying this ribbon around your chest and will make a bow. So do not cut the ribbon yet. Now where you have marked off the chest measurements, make a knot on each side.

2. Measure from the armpits to where you want the length of the tutu to be. Double this measurement and add about 2 inches for the knots. Cut the tulle fabric accordingly.

3. Now Roll the tulle fabric individually by color and cut them into 6 inch strips.

4. Now make knots of the tulle onto the ribbon. Alternate colors. Keep the knots close to each other.

5. Keep making the knots until you come to the knot (see step no. 1) made on the ribbon. Once you have reached this, you are ready to cut the ribbon. Cut the ribbon in such a way that you will be able to make a large bow at the back.

6. Now take another fresh piece of the 2"inch ribbon and make a knot in the centre of the tutu. Cut enough to tie and make a bow around the neck.

You are done!

Accessorise with a peacock mask or a peacock feather on the hair.


Emreen said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow ! I love the color of the fabric... Am sure your daughter is gonna love this... It has come out soo well... And I love the addition of peacock feathers... Gorgeous !!!

Emreen said... Best Blogger Tips

Do participate in the blog party going on at LTU ... You can find the details here :

Vaishnavi said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

wow!! wow!! What a lovely post.. Love the peacock.. look.. :-)

Dr Sonia S V said... Best Blogger Tips

How fabulous- I hate to bring out the needle and thread too!! This is gorgeous


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