Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting organized with Chalkboard

The use of chalkboard is buzzing around and I am totally in awe that YES you can get your life ORGANIZED with them! I remember using them to write when I was in Kindergarten back home in India!

But see how it all comes back in a different package decades later!

I could use them to mark bottles with all those unending pencils and crayons that are strewn around at home!

via BradensGrace

Make my TO DO List near my workstation

Style Kid Canada is one of my favorite sites and I did buy a green chalkboard wallies set from them 2 years ago. 

And if you are all gungho to do it all here is a HOW TO make chalkboard labels


The Salty Mermaid said... Best Blogger Tips

I use jars, vases, etc...for organizing things. I get it from my grandmother. I think it looks cool, especially if I can find old vintage cookie jars and other vintage finds. I love the idea of Mason Jars for crayons. I'll have to remember that when the kids start drawing.

Kala said... Best Blogger Tips

Huhhh pretty good idea for organizing loved the chalk board wallies :)

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