Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas stockings for kids

Pottery Barn Kids   is having a sale on Christmas Stockings. And after a lot of research on the prices including handmade ones online, I've placed an order for four Monogrammed Christmas stockings - One each for my daughters, one for my elder daughter's   BFF and my niece! A pity that the shipping prices for us Canadians is rather high...but you know what,  Pottery Barn is offering shipping at half price so I grabbed it.

My elder daughter M loves the princess look so this one is for her.

My younger daughter N is all into Ballet and Ballerina, so this one is for her.

Its a bit early for Christmas shopping, but when you see something good, you know you should take it right?

See the entire Christmas stockings here!

Picture credit: Pottery Barn Kids


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