Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY: No carve pumpkins and crayons

Over the weekend my girls and I got cracking and painted our pumpkins in a riot of colors. Gold, neon green, red and blue.

My girls all geared up to paint!

For thanksgiving (Canadians celebrate thanksgiving in October)  I had bought some miniature white pumpkins that I thought would be great idea to paint. And yes, they do take in the paints rather well. We use acrylic paints to paint them all!

All you have to do is 
Dip crayons in a lighted tea light and immediately dab onto the pumpkin and that's how it looks like.

My daughter painted one in Gold and red

I was busy stamping the crayons.

And here's just the half of the dozen that we painted. Really easy aren't they?

All pictures: Via Me


Roopa said... Best Blogger Tips

These are gorgeous!! Love the crayon melted ones

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