Friday, January 6, 2012

What's in your Arm Candy?

My husband Y gave me a gift on my birthday and it was a Purse. And I must say, like all ladies I cannot have enough of 'em! And this new ARM CANDY of mine is really one of my favorites.  And Toni of a Bowlful of lemons just got me hopping and excited to get this post RIGHT ON!

This is what my PURSE holds:

View from the top

There's no way I can step out without
My CKNW green wallet
My Coach wristlet which houses my beauty kit
Change purse
Hand Sanitiser

And contents of my wristlet -lipsticks, lipbalm, compact, eyedrops for my contacts

Well, this purse is pretty roomy, but has no pockets. Geez! I really shouldn't be complaining! Its got me pretty organised and I hope it stays that way!

So, what's in your purse?

I am linking this post to What's in your Purse Party?


Hena Tayeb said... Best Blogger Tips

Your bag looks hot..i love the bag within a bag.
My bag is full of snacks, diapers and wipes..

Mortensens said... Best Blogger Tips

What brand is your purse?

Reshma at said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mortensensthis is a louis vuitton

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