Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday favors: Gourmet pencils

My elder daughter M turns 6 next week! But because it will be  Spring Break here in Canada, she will not be able to celebrate her birthday with all her classmates. Since its her last day today before the Spring break, I decided to send some birthday favors to her classmates - Gourmet pencils by SMENCILS.

With flavors in Watermelon, Orange, Cinnamon, Grape etc. its like potpourri. Each gourmet pencil is encased in a tube, so I did not have to work on the packaging. Earlier I was in a dilemma on how to get the names of the children on the package. Should I wrap them in colored paper or just put the names of the kids on the tubes.

Finally I decided that I would put some gift tags.

I found these printable gift tags here.

My daughter is so excited and I am as well. Who wouldn't love SMENCILS?


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