Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visit to Casa Loma

Last Friday, the family made a trip to Toronto's Casa Loma

Casa Loma was the castle built by a Canadian businessman Sir Henry Pellat! A huge castle with 98 rooms was built in 1911.  My girls were pretty excited thinking that this is a castle where a princess lived.

The front view of Casa Loma

The library

A view of the The Round room

My girls looking at the map in the Round Room

Sir Pellat's washroom

In the picture,it looks pretty grimy, but its marble slabs.

The shower. Do you see many faucets to start the shower?

Lady Pellat's suite

The Guest room 
tastefully decorated in Asian decor

Sir Henry Pellat was a war veteran. The artillery used in World War I and World War II

Well, we did not get to see all 96 rooms, but we were in awe. And as for my girls, all they wanted after was to run to the gift store and get some memento.


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