Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Mother's Day picture frame


This is an easy DIY Frame for Mom which I made to participate in the contest at Icraft. You can too HERE

Materials that I used

An old key
An 8x10 Picture from Umbra
Baby Pink Cardstock paper A4 size
Pre cut felt Alphabets
Various colored buttons

The How to
First cut the cardstock to 8x10 size.

I had a whole bunch of pre cut alphabets. I chose MOM and HOME to set them apart on the picture frame.

Use glue and stick the words MOM and HOME and place the key in the centre. You can print "you are" and "to" , but I chose to write it after I pasted the words MOM and HOME.

Put glue on the words MOM and HOME and stick the colored buttons. Smaller buttons will work well on them. Use big buttons for the alphabet O.

Once you are done, wait for it all to dry.

Place your creation behind the glass and you are done.

Since its a gift, get a ribbon of your choice and put it around the frame.

Your Mother's day Picture Frame is ready!

Linking this DIY project to Patty's MADE WITH LOVE PARTY


My Dream Canvas said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas!

Aparna said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute and lovely :)

Hena Tayeb said... Best Blogger Tips

I just welled up a little bit... mom is key to the home.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

very very pretty.. and creative!!

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