Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inviting Doors

I sometimes wonder what if we had the main door to our home in a different color? Ours is white. Doors that are inspiring me to change the color....

Door 1
This green door in Provence, looks very inviting. 

Door 2

Yellow sure does make it  cheerful. But I don't know whether we would have to change the paint on the walls outside as well.

Door 3
As much as I like Blue or teal...nah not sure on the main door.

Door 4
Umm...how about orange? 

So what is the color of the door to your home? Would you change it to a different color?

Image courtesy

Door  2 hgtv.com


Emreen said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous pictures... Love Door #3...

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful doors especially that one with the bike...


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Indeed very inviting, much more if it is accentuate with a cozy door canopy.

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