Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bag it Pride and Prejudice

The other day,my daughter M asked me which was my favorite book? I quickly said, "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. And of course, she being only 6 years old, asked me back, what Prejudice meant. Well, I am not going to go on about where the conversation went on to...

Anyway, this is one novel I really really like and I get pretty excited if I get to see anything related to it.

I found this very creative designer, Michelle of Chicklitdesigns who makes designer book purses, clutches, Ipad covers and Kindle Ereader covers fom vintage books.

My eyes fell on the book purse made from - you guessed it - Pride and Prejudice book cover!

Very unique indeed! Well co-ordinated fabrics to compliment the book cover, the designer says that you can keep a Kindle Ereader in  it and they come with a compact mirror. These bags are all made to order.

Get these handmade lovely arm candies  at   Chicklitdesigns

Both Images are courtesy of Chicklitdesigns


Roberta Warshaw said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh those bags are fantastic! I too am a serious Jane Austen fan..........love Mr. Darcy........sigh.

Anisha said... Best Blogger Tips

These are cute...

CREATIVE KHADIJA said... Best Blogger Tips

What a creative usage..very well..

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks Roberta! Mr. Darcy...Sigh indeed! I hope your meeting with the surgeon went okay!

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips


It really is isn't it! I wish I could sew!

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anisha Ranjit

Thanks! Amazing isn't it!

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