Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Blue for your kitchen

Would you use BLUE in you kitchen? Its said that using blue in a kitchen is a BIG NO NO. But I guess, one has to break the rules and just see how far or how brave we can go right?

via BHG

Like this kitchen with turquoise blue cabinets. And add some red and voila - oh I love this combination of turquoise blue and red


And in case blue is not really your cup of tea for the kitchen, then the inspiration in this kitchen is great. Add chairs or get a few cutlery in blue for decoration. Hmm..


This is a small nook in a kitchen and the walls speak it all. Very welcoming indeed!

So what do you think? Time for a color change in your kitchen?


kala said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes. I loveeeeeee blueeeeeee

Diane in NH said... Best Blogger Tips

I have blue in my kitchen and it's just right. I have a collection of cobalt blue vintage bottles and love displaying them over my kitchen sink on the windowsill.

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