Monday, August 20, 2012

Ballon Day

Summer seems to be coming to an end. I can feel the chill early morning and in the evening. 
But we've been very luck this side of Canada, we have had a fantastic Summer!

My husband and I thought we should take some pictures of the girls at one of the neighborhood Japanese Parks. with balloons as props. And then the big shocker came.  We stopped by at the local party store to get some balloons and got to know that there is a shortage of helium! Helium is now available only in the hospitals. So we had to get the balloons inflated using a hand pump. 

Anyway, we got some great pictures of the girls with the balloons.  But the balloons didn't last too long. 2 had popped even before we took pictures and before we came home, we had just 2 left.

We seem to take everything for granted.  Can you imagine that we - people on this planet - have used up so much helium that there is a Worldwide shortage? Take a moment. Its time as citizens of this world to Reduce and Recycle. Use only what you need and in small quantities.  Its helium today...


Roopa said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely photos of your girls! sad helium wasn't available:(

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