Monday, February 25, 2013

A Shoe Fetish

There's a wedding coming up in March this year.
And I do need a good pair of shoes to wear. And when we women say a good pair...we really mean a
 g o o d pair! 

And look what I got myself?

Banana Republic was having a 2 hour happy hour sale where you get a good 30 % off on any item. And I grabbed it. Psst! Do I have a shoe fetish? Golly I had to have something smashing to go with the  emerald green dress a friend of mine had designed.

And coming to these these new pumps of mine, I love the tan and the cream which blend in so well. I could wear it with practically any dress! I wish Spring would be here sooner. Tired of wearing those heavy winter boots!


kala said... Best Blogger Tips

wish for the spring soon here also.Lovely shoes

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