Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY Tuesday: Rainbow Jars

My younger daughter N's birthday is coming up! And we've planned a Rainbow themed party for her.

I do have some games planned for her friends, but here is a very neat idea which I love and will be part of the giveaway.

Rainbow Jars

Things you need are  Salt, Sidewalk Chalk, Plastic cups or paper cups for each color, paper plates and glass jars with lids to store.

Get the awesome tutorial at the AMOMMALY blog

All picture credits: AMOMMALY 


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks sooooo cool!

Sophisticated Lace

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi!! Thanks so much for featuring my jars here!!

The kids absolutely LOVED making these ( myself included ) and I think they are perfect for your daughter's b-day!

Thanks again!
Kim Green | amommaly.com
***please note spelling correction for blog name--two m's not one in the middle--thanks!

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